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In limbo here I lie, Trying to find an excuse, a reason to try, But as I think of the upcoming past, I remember that I am so not up to the task. So I crawl in my shell and hide,
of all the sauces the one that's the best that's head over heels and tops all the rest with a helping of spice and a helping of zest is siracha sauce. you can put it on pizza you can eat it with lime
The overwhelming exhale as I awake from a nightmare, those endless encounters with the fear of isolation, only drives me to become a more compelling individual who's mind is yet to be freed from torment and confusion. 'Expect the unexpected' the c
FIRST STANZA: I bet you feel overwhelmed, full of fear and a tad bit of stress. It's your freshman year, in a new school and don't know what to expect.
Slam what you will but I will accomplish my goals. Ill be more than a statistic, do more than blow trees and smash hoes. Slam what you will but you have my word ill be something.
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