Slam what you will


United States
34° 13' 0.354" N, 117° 23' 6.54" W

Slam what you will but I will accomplish my goals.
Ill be more than a statistic, do more than blow trees and smash hoes.
Slam what you will but you have my word ill be something.
Ill be damned if I use my hard work, talent, and passion to do nothing.
Slam what you will but when I'm older I won't need EBT.
I'm a black man with a work ethic but I guess that means there's something wrong with me.
Slam what you will because my life has been an amazing upcoming.
No more evictions, no more shut-offs, no more begging and no more running.
Slam what you will because I don't care what surrounds me.
It's not where you are it's where your going, so be all you can be.
Ill be able to support my family, provide and pay bills.
I don't listen to discourage, so go ahead and Slam What You Will.

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