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An old wooden gate on a gravel  dirt road. The hinges are rusted and squeal with each wind gust. The adolescent boys hatred is locked in his jaw.  His mother is gone , can’t wipe the things he saw.
There's nothing as great and as bitter As my hatred of humankind I speak with my mind As you read these words, let me be heard When have you seen such disaster? Do we not have a Master?
YES. ALL WOMEN.  If my crossing to the other side of the road upsets your fragile ego
With a filter i am different Without a filter i am me For without a filter i am who i was meant to be Without perfect hues and perfect color But i am me, and not some other  
I turn my face away, gripping my cheek.   I'm sorry... I'm sorry.   I didn't mean to make you mad. I never do, I don't know how to make you happy.  
The door finally closes, another day spent, Another act finished, but I’m not content.   I look in the mirror, stare into my eyes – Were they fooled today by my act, my disguise?  
It wasn’t the sound of the lamp breaking Or the sound of the bed shaking It was the voice of the woman… shrieking She cried to the heaven to show her mercy
Im blind
I see sparks fly Moon light
I’d forgotten how to breathe without you, my lung crutchMy shiny exotic lung crutchMany gazed upon us greenly,and you fit so well
How do you say freedom in a language you can understand?Freedom from a bondage foreign to my warrior heartWe are a goddess forged by hips that would break you
Do you want to believe? Do you hear the way she screams as he rips the dress from her pure beautiful skin.
Girl with blue eyes and a horrible past. I never thought I’d see a girl run so fast.
 She wasn’t afraid to show some skin She was an embarrassment even to her kin
 She kissed whoever she pleased
Is it now that you notice? Is it now that you care? They may have cleaned the scene but the tragedy is still there  Embedding its whispers into the ears of the ones who before hadnt cared is it now that you notice?
Why is it that men are better than women? 
It's Just a Compliment By Marielle Eaton         “It’s just a compliment”                         just                                     just                                                 just
My eyes burn fro me the tears that never stop. While my hearts aches from the pain of betrayal. Some days go with out the pain and tears. While some days they are still there.
Left and right I feel offended because in the shadows and undetected are words that pierce and are directed at my womanhood and role that society elected  When I walk near men I feel inspected 
I'm afraid to walk down a streetor into a gas station to pay for my gas.I swing my keys and prepare for a battlejust to go and grab a coffee.The fear that lies within every girl
I write because of society Because my clothing says more about my consent, than my mouth does Because you're not as pretty if you're a plus Because society tells me not to get raped
Sally Susan Smith learned a new word today Puberty She sprouts long legs And starts shaping into curves That slope like desert dunes in summer  Sand grains slip, glisten, and shake
Why did I ever spend another day with you?
Shatter worthy like a glass of milkCrack into each part of usefulPin little bits of memory into the toughest parts of that meat.Spread dignityMalleable melted butterWon’t fight youJust fulfilling duty
This is MINE. This is all I have left of before. I could never be four I had learned much too much of myself and my body That with this I possess too much power than my head was prepared for This is mine.
She can taste the blood in the corner of her mouth From when she was tripped during a struggle to the door The iron taste to accompany the scarred ford From when she “fell down the stairs” at the home of her “love”
Pretty young girl named Cree Her boyfriend always giving her the third degree "Who you with?" "Where you at?" When he doesn't get the right answer he hits her with a bat How is that? She says she love him like crazy
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