I write because

I write because of society

Because my clothing says more about my consent, than my mouth does

Because you're not as pretty if you're a plus

Because society tells me not to get raped

But doesn't tell the men who did it not to rape me

Because a rape whistle shouldn't be on my keys

Because I have to tell every guy that "I have a boyfriend"

Because a man respects a man more than he respects my voice

Because girls are taught "how to please a man"

Because my body is not my own

Because I am sexually objectified because I am wearing shorts 

Because schools tell girls that they are the distraction

But doesn't tell the boys that they shouldn't be distracted 

I am not an object.

I am not here to please you. 

I write because society says everyone is created equal 

until the pay checks come and politics get brought up.

I write because all MEN are created equal, 

and it's time to change that. 



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