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I feel so utterly replaceable. I feel like feeling anything at all is dangerous. 
Do you know that feeling where you feel replaced? When the person you laughed with every day When the person you cried with every day When the person you talked with every day Just disappears out of your life.
it was a flawless secret one held too tight across her mind it would push against her eyelids so that every single time she would close her eyes to rest or even blink it would take control of her dreams
Memories come and go people may fade a way love may conquer all
the girl you found Have you seen the girl that shines? The one that thought she could only shimmer. She holds her head up to the sky. And her eyes; you can see them glimmer.
It’s hard to decipher from my head and my heart Not knowing which one to listen to It’s like Satan on one shoulder and god on the other Both persuading you But which one will I choose
It wasn't all fair With the stars in your hair And the smile That played on your lips. When you made me believe Here's my long lost dream Coming true.
Happiness is all I ever wanted But loving you is like a dying weed The actions that you portrayed assaulted The way you talk to me can only feed The hatred I once felt for you is gone In my search I have found somebody new Who handles me like a de
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