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Dear world, What’s going on man? I’m no batman But i can clearly unravel the mystery present   You’re not currently very pleasant  
my fault is another's laughter.my soul begins to sink as my red faceinks in myembarrassment.the smile i've putthere is convincing,but it's a show.under the apathyi'm blinking
I can't turn it off, that goddamn alarm continuously sounding as I lay here Each "beep" saying your name Pounding in the realization That you won't be there to hold me, to fix me,
  Many hearts will come and FALL BUT MY greed will remain steady       Cypress Delva   Residing by the wayside The breeze whispering on my face
First the mud was dredged from the reeded river by the potter’s boy who slid his hands in the cool sludge and made his friends with the wet earth. In the studio, the inert mass waited to be yanked off in chunks, to be shaped by adroit hands – like...
Every name you called me, every hurtful word Cut me so deeply that it really hurt But then I remembered something I know is true That when you point a finger at me, four point back to you  
I'm so horrible. These days have run dry on me. I cannot forget.  
i want you to see the scars on my skin the wounds youre responsible for i want you to witness my blood an my pain and my nights spent alone on the floor   i want you to watch as the sharp razor glides
Pinks, Purples, blues, greens,Strike with a Spark of Powder,With each curve,twirling,They leave a dusty trail.Only to be left,A mess.  
Everyone was born with parents, How long they stayed is different. Everyone once had a home, Whether it was the streets or somewhere warm. Everyone once held innocence,
People love to tell you that “You are the captain of your own soul!” What they neglect to tell you Is that they are at the helm And should you hit an iceberg It is you who must go down with the ship.
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