The Path of Pain


United States
33° 9' 46.8972" N, 117° 9' 42.3684" W

Everyone was born with parents,
How long they stayed is different.
Everyone once had a home,
Whether it was the streets or somewhere warm.
Everyone once held innocence,
Whether despair was endless or love was limitless.

But as WE grew so did the pain,
It stuck so hard to OUR heart that it clouded OUR brain.
WE couldn’t see the difference between what WE should do and what WE feel,
Making OUR misery OUR Achilles heel.
WE are filled with passion that turns to rage,
No more tears of shame.
WE will no longer cry,
But WE will bring out the anger in OUR eyes.

We kneel down and pray,
To a person we hate.
He could have done something to save our ache,
But He just watched us be eaten like prey.
These cannibals of the soul took us bit by bit,
And we begged for an end but He wouldn’t do it.

Not even God wanted to save me,
So want makes me think my father would want me.
What makes me think that I’m special?
That there’s a plan for me and that there’s angels.
I only can count on myself not even the devil,
Neither up nor down just level.
We are all alone in this world,
No one is going to be there.

I could have been a good person,
Have an actual future and not own this version.
Of the life I currently live,
And not take a dive.
Into my black abyss,
Where neither I nor my pain will be missed.

All I wanted was to be loved,
To feel like I could never give up.
To know what it feels like to believe everything will be okay,
And that this hurt would go away.
But I learned that life is a game,
You play with what you are dealt.
Either take it or leave it,
But you leave and it’s death.


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