I See All

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 23:21 -- ss14959

I see your faults and your perfections too.

I see the secrets inside of your mind,

I see your wants, your needs great, and your view.

I see the pain you inflict on mankind.


I see the trees, the brooks, and the meadows.

I see the lusts and darkest dreams you hide.

I see the way you treat the old widows.

I see all this, but you aren’t what you seem.


I see the way your peers do laugh and scorn.

I see your life in one long twisted strand.

I see the pain, your heartache’s sharp-pronged thorn.

I see your mortality in my hand.


I see the love of life inside your heart.

I see you standing still inside my hall.

I see the song, of which you sing your part.

I see your face inside my mirrored wall.


I see all of these precious things and more.

I see the richness of your deepest core.

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