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**Tonight I am beginning Entry thirty-five, Another day is conquered, & I'm thankful I'm alive. Also it is now year twenty-twenty-three (2023), I'm curious as to what this new year has for me.
Pleasure met pain and got married but they didn't get a prenup You were rewarded all of it when you got a divorce You had a great personality, your cup was always full but it was your plate
A disorder that's rare, diagnosed at age six. Causes fear to my family, oh God's little tricks. Brain tumors and pain, with surgeries to come. Eleven was my first, I have scars that are from.
An outbreak of an illness may cause several people harm to those who surround the infected. The case began with students on a campus who visited the informatory at the same time, as these students suspected
It began as it always does: empty promises, hollow resolutions, and the hope of a blank slate despite all else. It began with the same empty conversations, the same inevitable vows for a better tomorrow.
I walked out of the hospital, my mother by my side. Although I didn't fully comprehend, I had a history with fear. He was not my friend, nor my enemy. He was a peer who followed me around from the beginning.
From start to end , it is sheer toil; He always burns the mid-night oil, His character, conduct shouldn't spoil; He learns patience and not to boil!   He must heed to his conscience;
Before you I was bent, A twisted Quasimodo praying desperately to be your Esmeralda Begging for your love to fill the empty cathedral of my heart  So one day all of France could see my inner beauty  
There has been an influx of advanced technologies hitting up the market in every sector. With the advanced usage of services, there has been a progress in the medicine department.
My Shrink is on Xanax 
I’m a perfectionist yet I’m so imperfect. My dreams appear to be a huge mountain before me. The only problem is that I’m not a rock climber, I am only me…   Yet I am determined to reach the summit.
Early light filters through my bedroom window, Snaking along cream colored walls and curling long, soft fingers around Blonde hair, heavy with the tangles of sleep. Inhale.
When a function on your body isn't working
When someone says thank you That look of relief, These are the things that I think are neat.   The twelve hour nights The patients that fight, These are the things that make me sigh.  
Exausted. Leaning in to rest on my elbows, Let my eyes go black with magnetic lids... Newton. Carter. Poe. Hippocrates... NO. Eyes open. My lids repelled from each other. Awake. Be Awake.
If anything could come to mind, a job, the best that I could find, I'd take my passion- heart and soul, just to help a family grow. No matter how much time it takes late night hours with no sleep,
We demand.We expect. We desire. We want to strive. We want to live. We abuse. We forget. We ignore. Many suffer for us. We tend to forget them. We need to stop. We need to help.
Six thousand years Religion is still here A god still questioned A book full of lessons The future is planned By a very great man Over time I have learned The reason I have yearned
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