Your Medicine

Before you I was bent,

A twisted Quasimodo praying desperately to be your Esmeralda

Begging for your love to fill the empty cathedral of my heart 

So one day all of France could see my inner beauty


There I lay

Watching the days count down

And the empty pill bottles pile up

And though each mind numbing capsule lessened the agony

While my spine contorted into a S

Just to mock me for wishing my problems would


I could still hear my muscles screaming for mercy

From the perverted game

Of tug of war

They never consented to be a part of

Even after the high kicked in.


But when you laced your fingers between mine

Every curve of my body was in just the right spot

And the rope of my sanity

Was no longer so taught that it threatened to tear at any second

Your arm around my waist is more addictive than morphine

And numbs the pain twice as fast


You are the sun

A constant provider of warmth and light

Cherished by many

Praised in all aspects.

I am the moon

Waxing and waning

The spotlight of the night sky

Then nowhere to be found.

Two polar deities

Forever bound in the enticing celestial dance

Of night

And day.


Emotions are like a rollercoaster,

Or say they say

And as gravity puts it:

What comes up

Must come down.

But all I view is down

Down with depression

Down at rock bottom

Down a path I know will cause regret

Yet you are my loyal passenger

Finding joy in the plummets

And rejoicing the rises.


No doctor ever told me that the best kind of Prozac

Comes in a six foot capsule.

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