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Silent, the moment speaks in tempation it runs quickly into the folds of desire all at once and none at all shadowing the light I hold beside you into a darkness you never knew
Time is stopping as each thought is threaded from its undertone and I wonder why it has brought me here,  standing alone in a pool of surreal rain and lessons I continue to seek. 
That one breath was brief, and silence never had broken.   The soul is smaller than the strange, dark eyes of the dead.   Is it real? Real...   Oh, 
I did it because I have been             trapped all my life The air was loud, whipping past my ears,             deafening my thoughts, my doubts No regret seeped into my soul
Creation from a stand point exclusivity sought-after man's point rolled-up late night jam joint all into one to create some sort  of fifth-dimensional meaning    Creation
With thine hand,Touch ever so softly,The petals of that delicate roseAnd pluck it not,For out of lustful greed,
The lady falls like the dying leavesSoft and slow, forlorn and sweetOn a whim, she gives her heartWanting only to play her partYou speak, she hangs on every wordYou smile, she burnsYou touch, she shivers
We've all been asked time and time again, what would you bring if you were on a deserted island? Well to be honest, it's not practical, but I have only one thing. Or rather, one person. You. Yes, you know who you are.
God loves everyone, but even if look or smell Like we've sin we'll go to hell. That sucks Where do I begin: Shucks I am glad you see a future for me In such a vibrant environment But I sincerely beg thee
Sometimes i feel like the lowest of the low. I feel like I am a plague and that's only me being vague. 
A unicorn slain by any other name still brings a curse. When the letter of the law is to forbid emotion, society crumbles in its wake. “No justice!” screams the pot, “a curse for a curse!” exclaims the kettle.
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