The Confessions of A Broken Man.

Sometimes i feel like the lowest of the low. I feel like I am a plague and that's only me being vague. 

Why is it so hard to love oneself? So I disregard who i am to find me in someone else. I look for it in girls who are not too sure of themself. Now we are just two people looking for ourselves in someone else. 

That never got me anywhere. Now i am a man too scared to look in the mirror for the fear of not knowing myself. 

i try to give myself words of advice, but it just doesn't suffice! What am i seeking for? It feels like there is something missing in the deepest level of my core. 

Why am i so uneasy? i want love, fame, attention. But how can i get that if i am not willing to give it to myself? What the fuck am i doing? I need to get my true self off of that dusty shelf. 

i feel like I am not loveable. i am stuck at the fork in the road. What would Jesus do? 

i feel like I am being swirled around in life by a raging typhoon. Sometimes i wish life was fake, like those Saturday morning cartoons. 

i am trying to express how I feel in this poem, but it feels like i am not bringing what i want to say home. 

i hate myself somedays! And they say when life get hard, all we have to do is pray. i can't lie I felt lonely today. I felt the cold hand's of loneliness bringing me down to a slippery grave. 

i wanted to feel accepted. loved, appreciated. I felt not wanted, rejected, undervalued. 

i still feel it tugging at me. ''Yo, you're not enough.'' That's what that slimy voice is saying to me... And sadly I believe it. 

Oh, drive me down to the bottom of that pit! i don't think my heart can take another hit. i am a man on the verge of being broken or maybe i already am.

''Who the hell do you think I am?'' words from Kamina.  i am a nobody; a loser. i  feel as small as a PT Cruiser. 

i am a broken man and these are my chronicles. 



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