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Google told me open interpretation

Racially Ambiguous

The uncertainty of someone’s race

It’s based on their face



I like that

I like that you don't know

Stereotypes are harder to place that way


Asian one day

Ethopian the next

No family in Peru, but oh I have been that

For sure Black

Never mind

Those foreign words, Portuguese right?


Don’t ya’ll know by now

That no two mixes are alike?


What are you?

Where you from?

That state over there, where it gets cold

Brrrrrrr, I hate the cold


Scars or freckles


I wonder sometimes,

The one on the right

He’s maybe a spot

Everything else

Holes ripped by nails

Scars, PEOPLE, scars...



Not my status

Does that even matter?

Instead it’s my fingers

Long and creepy

No filter for that


Curl that ‘thang’

With that iron

Remember the real thing can’t be tamed

The proof is in the twist and turns

The ones that won’t let you go



That hair

It attaches itself in its itself

Probably for an unrealistic comfort

Only it can understand itself


A filter

Can’t tell you my race

Can’t tell you the language I speak

Where I am from

What it took to get my family here



Can never be truly defined


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