black lives mater

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Changing the world is like growing a tree It can take many years, but it starts with a seed A shred of hope that things will get better A poem wrote with pain in each letter
Today I’m gonna take you all into a world we don’t all know. A world that contains all of Us. A world with its high’s and its lows  
The propaganda they crack but I ain't buying/ Blues beat the blacks, black and blue so red they lie in/ Watch the news it ain't nothing new, my people still suffering/
What do I call myself? If the world sees me differently than I see myself? If I’m a blancita? Blancita, a white girl. Am I just a white girl?
After the mourning of the beasts until proven ghost, The guilty until proven dead, After the mindless melanin wars
Black fists reaching at the sky. Clouds large and airy -- white yet translucent; Seeming to be made of glass.  
Visualization is all I see I visualize us of being free Tears and shawdows of all the dark dreams Maybe I just want us to be alive and free. Being who you are and remaining true 
America the great .. America the free  America the.. Wait..wait..hold on...
Over all of the pain and sorrow We will overcome We have to stay strong and believe that the world can be altered Once in a while things will get tough, but we have to stand tall and be judicious
The one thing that upsets me the most, is when they teach racism and segregation in school. Because as a little kid growing up never did i even fanthom the idea that someone could be superior to another based on the color of their skin
America has caught a fever FIrst it took Oscar Then it stole Treyvon Next it was Jordan, then Kendrick then Odin Following were Raymond, Jonathan then Reinesha
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