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skin laid as leaves my soul the seed, vessel bound hush, here comes the freeze
Think of life, never to be forgotten Heart is open and never closing Mouth is moving, words are spoken
I’ve resented my skin as long as I can remember Saw the pale faces around me. wishing to look like them Mold myself in their image. They say god created us from clay
Holding my words above my head. Words stemmed from rumors that bring out the worst. I, the kindest soul... have grown the meanest exterior. All because of the words... held above my head.
Dear _______,   I won’t give you a name. You know who you are And I know, too.   I’m trying to forget. I’m trying to let go of the Little obstacles I’ve been through.  
We didn't need time neither did we need someone else I needed you by my side and you wished to be here now.   But it is not my fault  neither is it yours this happened how it did
Dear my Love, the walls have fallen, The stones and mortar have given way. Authorities have not yet told If it were attack, or mere decay. The resting village still lies in peace,
The room in my house that,
 Is looking through clear glass the same as being outside? With my eyes open wide,
As a little child I played in an open field of dreams Not having a care in the worldBut as time went by a fence started to build a barrier around me
Live, laugh, love, have freedom Walk, run, enjoy the sun Be happy, be sad, be angry, go crazy Cry, smile, hug each other Sing together Dream together Feel each other’s pain together
A little girl built a mighty fortress,Words. Of complexity and undeniable eloquence,What she hoped to be inside.
it all began a few years ago,  My eyes were opened, now i cant let it go. It's my mom she is the REAL bread winner in the fam its a shame what she has for as a man she works and works and nothing pays off 
(poems go here)Ser Inmigrante Mexicano no es cosa del otro mundo Significa trabajar tres veces más fuerte, dormir con preocupaciones, vivir con sueños,
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