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Throwback to the past I stare straight down  "How could she do that" the whispers  they creep under the skin   I held a grudge with every death comes honor but this one was the exception
As the room gets smaller And the voices get louder I remind myself to breath Death is the only thing that is permanent Say it with me: Bed, Mirror, dresser, carpet, blanket Once more, darling ground yourself
Rise from your black grave  Feel the pulse of my blackened heart Match your ideals with my most base urges You are my shadow; I am your death You are my humanity and my mortality
I feel most alive on the US-15 with my mother, my father, and my puppy.
Shifting eyes, tight throat, hiding my face as I watch the class make fun of a girl for sharing her issues     about PTSD
The hospital is hardly a place for a child, But I'm beguiled. She's on her way. Or will she be a he? Either way, Soon we'll have a new smile for quite awhile. The nursery gives a glimpse of what to come,
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