Say it with me

Wed, 05/11/2016 - 23:35 -- FM909

As the room gets smaller
And the voices get louder
I remind myself to breath
Death is the only thing that is permanent
Say it with me: Bed, Mirror, dresser, carpet, blanket
Once more, darling ground yourself
Breath, let the world out in relief

Shattering, shaking I see the bed below me
I feel you moving above me
Let me go "please stop"!!
Don't you hear me??
Like a sewn mouth shut I become speechless
Fading Fading
Free me, save me, tell me that I'm dreaming

As the room shrinks and the lights blur
I close my eyes and scream once more
Let me hear it once more!! Bed!! Mirror!! Dresser!! Carpet!! Blanket!!
Wake me up my dears don't let me pass out on the floor
The image is black but the feeling grow more and more
I have no clothes I have no hope
Please stop don't bruise my soul

Moving fighting but he never let's me go
Please stop I want to go home
As the room gets smaller
And the voices creep once more
Breath one breath two..
Bed, mirror, dresser, carpet, blanket
Do not fear the images of before
Tears, hyperventilation, screams, and suffocation

As the room grows I can swallow more
Breath one breath two
Open the door
Bed, mirror, dresser, carpet, blanket
I can hear, see, and live once more..

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