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I imagine that a score ago I wouldn’t have been alive And I have no recollection of what that life was like Was I just nothingness waiting for the right time? Probably.
what if i told you they didn't want to die you tell me your innocent and it makes me want to cry  when i see your cognitive dissonance    your heart aches at the sight  but you won't think twice
"what is the thing your are most afraid of?" i ask  the pigs look at me and a river falls from their eyes "life" they answered before my next question asking them "why?"
It's a little misery from a place my mother's stomach to my abusive sibling and dad I am born to be infuriated born to not be able to change it to be shocked condemned into a religious
Us by Lucero How wonderful is saving lives,
Why is it that we assume that only humans are destined for greatness, That only we are allowed to live freely and love freely
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