Same Skin

I imagine that a score ago I wouldn’t have been alive

And I have no recollection of what that life was like

Was I just nothingness waiting for the right time?


But something wrong must have happened, wiring neglected because I felt empty for a year and I still look back dejected.


I did what I did to curb that sting and by that I mean I did nothing.

I spent hours with addicting stimuli, dopamine with that fly high stride:

No drugs just an internet connection

No artificial ecstasy just social media’s corruption

I was ashamed, I’m not gonna lie.

I hated how I was wasting precious time.

I just didn’t think anything was worth the fight,

An impervious emptiness and I couldn’t stand that sight.


So I was stabbed by a glorious flame when I came across compassion, liberation--

Before then I knew no such thing.

And it nestled within the core of my purpose

To try and convince people animals are worth it.


I never knew that animals are sentient, that they have our skin;

They bleed, they scar, they remember, they feel.

And the way we treat them is a great sin.


I was mortified.

A squealing pig is being gassed for the taste behind our damn lips.

The wisps of their spirits tangled in our stomachs.

And restaurants say they’ll be grilled or fried.

For the first time I felt like I had a real reason to fight.


I don’t want to sit around when our culture has still to be ridden of a criminal complicity.

And my record is just as corroded as anyone would think;

I still pay those dollars to subsidize widespread genocide.

But… I want animals to be free from a system warped by this mainstream appetite.

I had only begun to realize:


For the first time life wasn’t about chasing away some boredom.

Life wasn’t about a social status, some symbol.

Life has become about voicing with a voice for those who have been silenced.

Life is about fighting for change, advocation and I’m gonna try it.


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