I Am...

It's a little misery

from a place

my mother's stomach

to my abusive sibling and dad

I am born to be infuriated

born to not be able to change it

to be shocked


into a religious

a zealous


It has hope, sure

What it does not have is prevention

once people are hooked

on the opium of the masses

It would be more rational

to consider a conspiracy

rather than a GOD conspiracy, however

hanging bodies of LGBT

are merely another statistic

apart from the animal holocaust

Jesus and like prophets

were psychopaths

to get on an altar preaching love

when the immature nature of relgion

creates a sonic boom of innocent lives lost

from callous prayer

callous indifference towards the drug's side effects of loss of brilliant white light circulation to the brain that terrorizes people into forgetting the drug's contradictions

Walking in the rain is walking in my mental state

for I've rarely been able to show my tears

my misery

in front of my family

which lies in a broken home

towards this hellish


which is supposed to be heavenly

pretty soon it makes me a slave towards my inferiority complex

This road I walk isn't lonely

except that nobody seems to care

And yet I can only do my best


since I am a product of a COSMIC accident

having ancestors as early as life itself

suicide would be unacceptable for the cause I represent which is sympathetic

trying to stop legal crimes

immoral crimes

hate crimes...

It all goes black and the hopeful

yet despairing music comes to a close

I have become a maniac of insecurity

hoping that I was born to die gallant

like the soldiers marching against Adolf Hitler


that my last breath stays meek


I was born to die selflessly

I am...

I don't really know

but I think that I am brave

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My family
Our world
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