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Life was coming to see you on weekends When nights turned into dew drops on your car When the sun seemed to rise before we had the chance to say goodbye to the moon.   I miss the days of aimless wandering
Hello, pretty girl. I couldn’t help but notice you from my seat. Are you travelling alone? I could use a travelling companion. Do you mind if I sit here? You’re so kind, thanks. Where will you get off?
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
Rigby is my dog Without him I would be lost  He lights up my world  
to the edge of your face smile stretches, widens-i can see the wrinkles in your foreheadadrenaline bubbles up to the surface- you make me breathless. 
You wake up one day, with your normal routine, Get dressed, brush teeth, it’s a regular scene. But this day isn’t just a regular day, Something is missing, something I won’t say.  
On an island all alone you say? Do you want me to decay?   A companion is all I want, I didn't even as for a restaurant.    Sad and alone is what you think I'll be?
The only thing I need to survive may seem a little strange- although it's not so much a thing, either- but the only thing I need is my companion, my guardian, my reflection, 
Laying alone on the gritty, ecru sand the grains dance about your eyelashes, teasing knowing you're envious of their dance partner. The dunes sigh as the wind sifts through and carries 
  The Doctor runs through time and spaceSometimes alone, sometimes with a friendNow and then he gets a different faceAnd his companions always leave him in the end
Loneliness circles overhead
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