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Beneath your bed hides, My sorrowful ghostly eyes. Be still, he who breathes.
Can I tell you about my bed? I'll tell you anyways. It's just so special to me. What a wonderful place. The one I never want to leave. You see being awake is far too hard.
  I dread the mornings  I really dont wanna wake up I want to sleep No matter how much more Its more time in bed
What is wrong with you, they ask, I don't know, I'll tell them, I don't know. But I do, how do I, someone obscure, tell them, That I am tired. That they have cut me off from those I trust,
No I can sleep yes i wake up at 3 am there are nightmares that wake me up at 3 am and haunt me sweats bathes me
We have what others call, an unhealthy relationship. You come and stay with me during the night, But leave me early in the morning. Looking back at me sighing before you leave,
Up out of my bed, For I know I will return,  To my love my bed.  
The Sun intrudes into my bedroom, Her rays glare into my face, With brutal light, its intensity hard to take I was sleepless and down, my body worn out,
5 more minutes is too long to wait. The Faster I wake up and go along my day the faster I get back to you. My beautiful bed, the small piece of heaven just for me. 
I guess you can say I’m not good at rhyming So here I go, I guess I’m trying The one thing I can’t try to live without though Is my comfortable bed My bed keeps me warm at night
You’re warm and cozy at night, plush and soft But not only at night, also at day Everyone uses you, you cause no fright I lay down, my sorrows are kept at bay  
  She is nowin the bedroom,sorts out her desiresbetween the skyand my lips. She doesn't get upfrom the bedwhere we playeda stupid gamewith the expected ending.
Oh my bed, Best place to sleep, let things unwind, and you're always there when I'm tired.   My fluffy pillows  always come in handy. Covered in a bright  red pillow sheet,
Tick Tock the clock mocks straight from up ahead As I lay, Time keeps pounding down upon my head. My head lays heavy on the dark blue sheets of my bed No matter what I do sleep is something that I dread.  
You—   You are the only one that accepts me as I am. You ply to my will no matter how forcefully I embrace you. No matter how many times I change my mind or turn away,
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
A day recedes,     I'll chase down one more nightA lamed and hobbling Spring     tries to outrun the tideof all the misspent monthsand all this wasted time
I’m wrapped up tight within my sheets Behind my curtains blows a gust Up and down the lonely streets   Calm my heart, this I must As the shadows find me still In gentle dreams can I trust?  
     Weaping thing beside my bed,             
In the morning light A Poem by Larry Cruikshank
the bed like cotton on my back, but like a rock to my head-   the smile so daunting to my heart, but fun in my head.   the feeling of adulthood           so foreign
we will be strangers in this bed soon - we will be unclear how to rub hug and snuggle.  the auto flash turned off now the only light that shines are the streelights....beaming in dark rooms
Cradle me at my weakest and keep me lifted after defeat. Soldier, pull me back and awaken me, before we are to retreat Peer as the people pass into the perception of my mind,
I must go back to bed again, to the warm and cozy sheets. And all I ask is a soft pillow and some pills to make me sleep; And the lights click and my legs twitch and the lamp starts flickering,
My hair is red, I want to go to bed, I have not yet been fed, So I will keep my eyes wide open So I can eat my tacos and Then I will sleep until I must be awake
Sleep is fleeting, Like an Unknown Journey Yawning without purpose, Resting without meaning A fine line we tiptoe, Though some would rather trudge Along the tight rope of sleeping. Movements are as such
The day comes to a dark shadow under the brilliant, sparking night sky.  My mind in sore and my soles of my feet are hard.  After writing, thinking and reading all the day, my thoughts have come to a minnimal, mellow state of mind.
Impossibly obsessed with the comfort of a bed, where you may find yourself melting into the hazardous heat of another being, where the truth remains underneath the bedside, while your blanket wraps around you with a misleading security.
A bed is a place to rest and sleepA place to lay and sometimes weepWhen your tired and weary and don't give a hootYou just jump in your bed and kick of your boots
Cover me Never let me go Outside of your comfort the world seems like snow. Snow whose depth is unknown Whose silence creates a creep Just cradle me away from the snow into sleep My dear bed.
Its calling my name My fiancee is scratching my head waiting to hear if ill come and cuddle her eyes bright, her smile big when she hears the answer I give, To bed now, Until tomorrow my nemesis.. The clock.
Are days of length deceiving? Are nights of pain okay? Are moments of rest depleting? Then, why not try to say: Does sunshine make you frown sometimes? Do rainbows make you cringe?
Your spring-screams that day echoing through the walls made me a victim of rape in all ways and changed everything for me; you of all things.
All I need is sleep Sleep is for me If you go to my school, then that’s something you won’t see
Bed Dreams Ah bed so soft and warm I love to jump and play In a feathery swarm Every night and day For a bed is a place that’s fun Now if only I actually had one.
I despise wooden floors when I sleep out When I am out I dream of my own bed To make it to m’own cradle I’m about To nestle with my pillow lay my head
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