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It's midnight and I can't sleep Again I'd like to think you're still here Still roaming down the hall searching for what you'd lost while you were breathing
Midnight When galaxies hang above me Like a mobile over a child's bed For me to stare   While dark matter dives past Pirouetting planets Meteors shatter, showering the sky
My body drifts along tranquil black waters I can stretch my fingertips out and imagine trailing them in the onyx pool beneath me Maybe I'll feel it stir under my hand give way                cradle me
A galaxy of dreams dancing in silence          Stars singing within the dark                            Waiting to leave a mark Then lost in quiet disappearance  
It is my unalienable right to not be here right now. I’m entitled to the pursuit of happiness and this isn’t it.Maybe stars get lonely too,Thousands of miles away from their closest friendMaybe they are sick
You mean more to me than my own life
how can i be so many people bound by one skin? am i one dreaming soul   
Authenticity can be seen as reaching for galaxies while others stop at the stars.
I imagine Life after death where we all reach enteral bliss Death is scary but the only reason I accept it is because this can't be why we live I pray god made his kingdom just for us 
I have galaxies growing inside me. I move on like light speed You are nothing more than A fleeting star blinking out.   The pain you think you caused is gone Down a black hole never to be seen again.
A poet ive never met once changed my entire life.
All my life I found it hard to properly express myself
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