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I have learned that Adolf Hitler has survived.He's in suspended animation and will be revived.Hitler will be released from suspended animation.His evil and horrible plan will be world domination.
dear mindless zombies also known as society why do we not learn? from our history   following through the commands blindly because of the sly speeches in germany in 1993 till today
There was a man who stood above the restBelieving, above all, he was the bestHe slaughtered those he looked down onConvinced so many to play as his pawnsThis wicked monstrosity of a man
We are living in the index of a history book yet to come.  
It started with an idea for political change; Putting a man in charge who believed in only his way; It started small with restricting laws; Soon concentration camps were made and millions lost; 
  In the attic of rigid wood I sit denied any motion, We were forced here, as no one should We’re waiting without any notion.
I was eight yeards old when I was killed. The man who killed me was very smart; Everyone believed him when he told them we were bad. Everyone except us. The Drek.  
Jesus was a king, We didn't even know it Found out Drake could sing, We didn't even know it Slavery resulted to a good thing, You didn't even know it
deliberate scoundrel forcing his trowel to sever the roots prejudice is given to the perceived inferior round up the unwanted ones Star Thistle, African Violet, Chinese Lantern herbaceous genocide
Steady knocks upon the doors of the town. Lest they know the reign ascending soon there, But the silence grew where once was viewed dear. They were lured away with but a gown.
They have been sleeping for countless years. They live to teach they live to educate Through the attentive doors come the mad men. To throw their knowledge into the fiery den,
Abriet macht frie the gate had said, those who entered new they were dead. Yellow stars on their shirts, made adults and children hurt. Everything that took place, the mass killing
The cattle car stopped, our ten day trip we hoped to be through So much hatred from a Nazi, so much hatred toward a Jew Our belongings were taken, to where we don’t know The pile of suitcases beginning to grow
The Holocaust burned us with memories and fears These moments where all of my faith had let loose All I could do was hide My dreams turned to ashes the more I thought I would escape
Even the coldest hearts need someone to love We'll watch these bodies burn and turn into one Together we'll hear them scream, together we'll watch them fade As the wind gently blows them away and away
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