Burning Memories


United States
39° 22' 15.0924" N, 76° 40' 12.5328" W

The Holocaust burned us with memories and fears
These moments where all of my faith had let loose
All I could do was hide
My dreams turned to ashes the more I thought I would escape
So many soldiers looking for what they called Jews
Strike after strike
Cry after cry
Our world was in a state of destruction
No one, I mean no one believed they would get out
We were weak; we were frail, not only on the outside but inside
Everything that kept us going, fighting, was slipping away
Minute by minute
That moment when I was taken away from mom I knew,
I shall never forgive them for this
Why would this happen to us
I pleaded for God’s help
We pleaded for Gods help
But we had lost all strength
We no longer pleaded for anything
Losing faith in God
We have lived and endured so much
We no longer feared death
For God’s sake, where is God?
I lost faith, we lost faith
We were ready to die
We were weak, starving, and hopeless
Should we hold on? Should we keep fighting?
Or should we choose death?
We had decisions to make
In the end our thoughts were death, but what about our families?
I myself didn’t know whether I wanted the day to go by quickly or not
We just wanted to escape, to be free
But I had nothing left
I wanted God on my side
But he was gone
I wanted my faith to be strong
But how could I when all I saw was disaster
Where was God?



I wrote this after reading the book Night. The book persuaded me to think of the holocaust differentl

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