Your Fate is Sealed


United States
41° 46' 12.9396" N, 88° 27' 35.1612" W

The cattle car stopped, our ten day trip we hoped to be through

So much hatred from a Nazi, so much hatred toward a Jew

Our belongings were taken, to where we don’t know

The pile of suitcases beginning to grow

The smell of death and burning flesh was in the air

From the moment we stepped into the courtyard square

Families departed, relatives sent to die

The others could live, oh how hard they would try

A man shot down, just left on the side

They will always find you, so don’t try to hide

Arbeit Macht Frei read above on the gate

No one knew what it meant, the iron sealing their fate

To the gallows with him, the others to the gas chambers with fright

Heading to my barrack, I lucked out tonight

Awaking at dawn, a man dead on top of me

He’s away from the pain, he is finally free

I look around and begin to count more

Dozens lying dead on the cold barrack floor

Skinny and naked, eyes rolled back into his head

He too escaped suffering, escaped the dread

Bodies were piled, plowed away, killed just for fun

Someone’s mother, their daughter, and also their son

The fight is not worth it, my heart will not mend

Maybe I’ll die, never seeing this place again

All alone, no one but me

My God, my Savior, where can you be?

A man comes and takes me by the hand

A Nazi, a German, from that evil land

Around my neck the rope is hung

My tears held back under the killer sun

As I’m dropped to my death others are beaten and have fits

In this new home that we call Auschwitz


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