flawless slam

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Frizzy ringlets of hair, tamed into thick braids. Slick hair, down to your waist, blowing everywhere. Too-long bangs, constantly pushed out of your face. Loose curls limp and beautiful.
i am flawless nahfuck that shit flaws are a partof me and i'm proud
Stupid, Ugly, Scared, That is all I saw Looking at the sasquatch Staring back from the wall. Why am I not intelligent? Why am I not beautiful?
"Your flaws are your perfection" This what I've always been told That I am perfect because I am not But I disagree
To the world No one's perfect We are flawed No chance of shining What do they know? What of our lives have they seen? Not to this world Am I flawless But to another I always am.
Love for ones self is the most purest love of all, I can count on myself, even when I fall, Because I know I'll be there for me, standing tall. I am flawlessly beautiful... My eyes, my teeth, my chubby looking cheeks.
My hair is ratty my teeth are stained My stomach is chubby and my nails break. My butt is wide  and my legs have hair that's full grown.   Her hair is short and messily styled.
Where I'm from is who I am It's a part of me that is not rich in money or jewels But in hard work and family I come from a town where it's hard to survive We never thrived on the things we would buy
My name is ununique, my smile crooked and drained from the tired steps I take, my teeth peak out from two cracked lips with a laugh that is quite weak. My eyes water when I yawn, my left one likes to twitch
Flawless me comes in so many degrees. Hotter and hotter that never gets colder built up but never with any drama. Flawless me has never been mean to anyone but always ready to help those in need.
Can you see it? No... can you SEE it? The girl who pushes others away because she was pushed away. The boy who acts tough in order to keep his family safe.
Some can't see it. they say its unlikely, but my plan is working out nicely. some say I'm just feisty, a little bit spicy and they would be precisely right. I'm filled with love,
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