Blunt Birthdays

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 12:01 -- poet14

Some days I wake up feeling like a newborn , so darn confused like dementia dragged itself into my dreams. 
Like the sunrise is a my mother's canal and the world woke up to white walls and a baby screams .
Here we are . I am here  . I am here .
I woke up . Ready for the swords and words they will throw  Like darts towards my already growing fear 
But guess what my super soAker pillow pinned it's powerful passion , and fouling faith to my brain.
So when i arise i would forget last night party of piss and pain . 
I would forget the red sea I replaced on my pillow case
And The faucet of black paint on my fAce.
Somehow I can wage war with pity and heartbeat I forget I have  
So I use an entire night to memorize the 7 rules of being human until I go mad
And once I'm there I'm excited about things that I have never heard of 
Aspects of a world I hug , envy and love .
Sometimes on quiet days I can't wait for bad days , where my lungs forget they r on a fulltime job and 
My neck is the Appalachian trail , so long for my breathe to hike upon , 
I can't wait til aliantation and tweets , & statuses tell me I don't belong 
I tapp on my thighs like I'm instructinga horse to gallop to move foward
, to push on , not  to slump but to stride
, teaching myself it's gonna be alRight ,  coaching myself to Catch a wave during high tide 
. My fight started as soon as the moon laid down it's life  and buried itself for the love of the sun 
, and the sun rose golden like the trophy I was getting , like I knew I had already won . 
Forget words that have weight , they r lighter than the make up , and the hair pins 
And the mirror in the morning u see yourself in 
You are beautiful.  Beautiful like silence. Beautiful like u never need words to thrive,  
No filter ,no frame , no game ,  no crop , no cover up , no giving up .





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