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Angry at myself That I still don't have the courage to stand up, I fall back down, in this blanket of despair, Way too familiar, Where I feel secure
Why Am I Still A Single Item?   Perhaps it is Ridiculous Expectations
They see me I see them  they go towards the future and I while I try figure out time Its a wave till it reaches a shore  Reach is the definition of time  With time they are able to see me 
Being myself is so hard sometimes. I am a muslim woman. I am also a vietnamese woman. I am a bisexual Vietnamese muslim woman. I am part of the first generation in my family born outside of Vietnam.
A year ago, maybe two or three I wasn't sure of myself Or if my goals in life would be guarantee I'm young and full of hope Yet, I bet I can mail you all my insecurities in a big envelope
I am from sunny days from weeping willow trees and flower crowns. I am from bare feet in soft, green grass and swinging on a tire swing on hot days. From old friends, To new ones.  
Looking at me, People assume I'm a healthy, happy girl.   Invisible illnesses are forgotten when disability is brought up.   This poem isn't about my genetic disorder, or the surgeries,
I don’t know how to do math, and I don’t know how to do science either, but I want to, because I like the idea of science and math,
Gather ye round, kids, would you like to knowAbout how I took up the art of writing poems?Let me summarize my 18 years in all of their glory,As you sit around t
In verse, I found a meaning. In meaning, I found an essence.  Through words and verse, through lines and meaning, I lived. Expression became the force that tied me to the ground while
I can hear the unspoken sounds of words To the quiet whisper of Gaily, shuffled, and intimate To the distant rumble of Revoked, sanctify, and rebellion Each word is humming a lullaby
  I make ruins of what was already shambled; I trample over the brain of a once great village. The heart of the city I, grit my teeth at, push my body down among the people.
I am not solitary. I require the love of others, as do we all to be happy. I need occasional attention; I need encouragement; I need to be reassured, and hugged, and appreciated.
I’m from the coast of sun kissed skin due to 100 degree weather I’m from the smell of freshly made pan dulce from the supermarket and tacos from crowded swapmeets
My voice is a fire.   It holds the power   to burn down every house in sight   every building, every door,   entire towns   and in its path  
any attempt to useone word to describe mewould be as hopeless asfinding a waterfall in a desertalthough if i was to truly tryi think i'd start withdynamicwith a tendency to connect 
If there's a chance in the world,  I'll find interest, zeal, passion, then I'll go rumbling down the road,  without a second thought,  even if it winds me into trouble, drama or danger
When I was fourteen years old one of my best friends died.  I wandered the halls of my dreary middle school where my anxiety levels rose and my confidence fell.  My heart raced as I ran from my classroom
I am lazy   Says the critic in me I'm too hard on myself   Replies my kinder side Maybe I can work harder?    My inner optimist chimes in But what's the point?    Asks my depression
Inside her body is a person thriving to come out, Just a person? No, a boy. Assigned the opposite symbol on his birth certificate, They got him in the wrong.
  When I was younger I only saw myself in future tense- bigger, better, beautifuller. When I was younger I saw myself as adventures, as friendships, as an extraordinaire in the distance. 
I am a cheerleader on the sidelines cheering on her beloved Red Devils.  I am an outcast who lives in her room with her music on, and her world off. 
I am quiet I am shy Too shy for a 16 year old I keep my mouth shut And my mind loud If you speak to me I will speak to you I am not rude I am nice Too nice sometimes
Kat The one with paint on her arms, with purple in her raven black hair.  The one with a pencil behind her ear, a sketchbook in her hand, a glint in her eye Hazel eyes, that is, framed in intense blackness. 
Yo soy Irma
Sprinkles and Carnivals, puppies and kittens, Vanilla Icecream and wintertime mittens. Rainy days where I stay safe inside, Walking the beach and hearing the tide.  
Take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, 1 2 3 4 seconds, lungs filling with air, fit to burst Hold it, waiting for the drop, then breath out, air whistling through your lips, But silently, careful not to draw eyes.
  Midwest farm raised Sweet honeysuckle by the fence-line
I had to pay, actually, to find myself. Didn't you?   I had choices, I had to chose. I had fallen to the social norms.   I lost my sanity,
i tried to be a vegan once and it
i tried to be a vegan once and it only lasted for two weeks because
I remember The middle of November Back in seventh grade   In biology We were taught to see
I am lost and anxiousI wonder what everyone thinks of meI hear the chatterI see the smilesI want to help them to know meI am kind and anxiousI pretend to be okay with myself
I am a daughter of divorced parents; one deadI am a sister to a half brother and half sisterI also have two step sisters and a step brotherI am most often a third wheel and a shoulder to cry on
Tyler Alle
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I'm quite fastidious, Not always felicitous, I'm a living antilogy, Nowhere near pedigree, An interesting little package, I don't have any baggage, A walking contradiction,
Bringing out laughter Is what I am after Audience laughters Brings out the clown The clown who cheers To those who frowns   On the clown A smile is painted Upon the face  
My childhood was spent outside.
I dont remember how I got here I dont remember where i'm from all I know is I woke up from a horrid dream the last thing I recall is wakeing up on that bed all by myself all I see is your pretty face
He was a shy boy, but not like most shy boys. He liked video games, says the many console systems he had in his room. He was very competitive, but never really liked playing sports.
There  was a waif girl  Whose entire world was twisting out of control And she was staring down at the rabbit hole with greedy eyes filled with fear and pain and want
Hello my name is Benjamin Like I don’t know what rhymes with Benjamin Or this bed I’m in All I know is how dead I’ve been
Angela Ambitious, Confident, Self-Driven, Loyal Daughter of Elizabeth Magistro Lover of, Writing, Volleyball, and smiling
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