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Once I was A poem; Lines carved Into arms And rewritten, Revised, Rehearsed Until I was Red ink On the floor And never wrote Another line more.
Drawing out my pains in Thursday morning when I've found my world Crashed and still bleeding, but I'm alright, I'm unscathed Or rather, my world has found me Chosen me today
Bleeding hearts like broken glass The only thing left to remember the past Dripping down sidewalks like silicone tears A face made of plastic to hide all your fears  
I wish that I could Learn to bleed every night But soon I'll run out. 
Eyes open I can feel but not see, What is this pain overwhelming me? Am I alive, Can I breathe?   You see not long ago it was you and me, You and I, He and she there- I was alive, I could breathe.
My heart bleeds stars but the blood is striped, and my heart pulses with war hymns and psalms  dripping with Betsy's fears  Instead to cover vets like newspaper blankets  
Is it good to stay strong if the one you're strong against is inside you? It is not good that the man should be alone; and so was made for him a help meet, the woman that should hold his hand through life  
When did the idea of being a woman become filled with dread? Desperate women, driven to the knife, Just like in the stories I have read.  
Stabbed Wounded Helpless feeling prisoned Desparate feeling closed in
If you were to harm me, slice me open, I think that a knife would be useless.   Instead, rip up a thousand journals and use the edges, for nothing hurts more than a paper cut.  
To cut, to release The anger exploding out like a beast From the pain my family inflicts Becomes physical abrasions on my wrist But my wrist alone does not suffer My left arm now also encounters
My funeral was empty, my gravestone was bare The flowers that were meant for my mourning, were never there
Anger and frustration and constant manipulation Echoing in my mind, pulsing day and night Fed up with all the stress and trying to put it to rest Hearing the lies inside that refuse to let me die
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
This red sunset as if bleeding and defeated, retreats behind the leafless trees of fall. The day surrendering to the night, and letting darkness take control. The cold bleak nights calling to a side of you you've tried to suppress for so long.
I dream of bleeding in front of your eyes, But I must compromise. I'm dying to overdose from the red that once covered the bed, Now only in my head, Slowly becoming a whiter shade of pale as my heart beats,
Really? You’re asking me why I write? I write because I can I write because I have the ability I have been blessed with To be able to hold a pen and write what comes out of me
When you have a passion that is so strong It ignites a roaring fire beneath your heart; When it's embedded so deeply within you, You can't remember life before;
I write because its in my blood. As a matter of fact it's in my soul. I write to relieve stress. I am powerless, until my fingers and palm unite with a page and create harmonious justice to my mind.
Words across the screen Words on the pages Words whispered into my ears Words written in silence Words read out loud I would like to capture all of the words      and use them from time to time. 
I write for Love I write for No one I write For everyone I write for winter and for Summer I write for all of You who can't open your eyes. I write when my heart weighs down my Shoulders
Keeping myself sane, Nothing but a pen, some paper, and my pain. Grabbing my thoughts from thin air. running sweaty palms through my knotted hair. Laughing, yelling and crying. broken hearts and people dying.
I write for the broken and the battered, The ones left in the dark with their voices shattered. For the ones too weak to rise to glory, Too scared to tell their story. For the ones drowning in pain,
Blood drips down storm drains- Pooled thoughts, whirltide emotions Spatter across time.
It all started one day she got threatened, got made to do something she didn’t want to do thought it would get better, but no, it stayed the same
Each fight we have, tears me down, Of your standard, I've fallen short. Barely hanging on with pain, Can't you see that we're the same?
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