Substance abuse

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Clear crystals that look like glass, don't touch that pipe... After that things move so fast. I took my first hit it's like a shockwave blast, and all the sudden there's no pain felt from the past.
I am sad I am tired but with the flick of the lighter I no longer feel anything
She was told she was different. She was told she was an “abomination to God.” She got dumped by her girlfriend. She has a broken heart.
Ten years old, Wearing a medical mask In ICU. Seeing your Father, Your best friend, Slipping away. He suffers from His liver corroding From trying to combat The alcohol he drinks.
This is not a war story but one of victory. I can hear the freedom bells ring and my heart sings because once I was a captive now liberated by the King. But that’s just the thing I wasn’t always free.
    One pill to wash life down One hit to reach the clouds One bottle to black it out It only takes one time One mistake down the wrong path can ruin your life You aren't the only one effected
I wake up light-headed and I touch my pillow, trying to put my memory back together but I just don't know how the hell I got home last night. I remember standing on the side of the road, my legs barely putting up a fight.
Take another. How much harm can it do, really? Drink me down like water. Skip the slow sips, guzzle down the burn like setting fire to your chest. Everyone's an addict.
substances are my gods.
I wish this wasn’t something in my life But when someone else does it, it becomes my strife. You crack another can open; I feel it cut into my soul. I won’t keep the sorrow unspoken; dying must be your goal.
The little girl Could just not sleep Because her thoughts Were way too deep Her mind had gone Out for a stroll And fallen down
Present in class, under the antiseptic light of the lecture hall my words infect the air, and my fat brass opinion dissipates into discussion. The next hand raises
  My pain is my creation Caused by twisted rusted gear And white horses that run up army walls.    The pistol is cocked in my mouth; Hidden behind red lips Swallowed behind my own hate
hey, eighteen is a weird transitional phase    youre naive to think you know what you want but too young to realize you dont know anything.       youre going to travel halfway across the country
My father and I are one in the same; according to some.  He hates math, me too,  but I believe there are more similarities than not. After all we have been through and got. Medications, prescriptions,
I down a bullshit soda that I pulled from a cooler,it mimics the fruity beer I drowned myself in a summer-ago.Don't dive into my pity fest,Don't buy into my jokes,Don't ask if my mother is okay. 
you told me, i’m a fighter, you told me, you’d always be here. you were your sister’s protector, and I’m my brother’s keeper, you suffered
Have you seen the red house on Castle Street? The family in the red house is the first one you’ll meet. There’s a friendly mother and stern father,
The bottle sits on the kitchen table Glinting in the sun She grabs it, begging for comfort Now that the day is done  
I live on my drunken abode,How pretty everything seems.I do believe that around is clearer than I really see,For I have done this before.   I lived here so longI no longer beg to differ.
I can stop at any time, I don’t need it. I just want it. The needles, the pills… The crystal, the shrooms… The dust, the dragon… My tabs, my acid… My herbs and my rock… I like the warmth,
Silence bothers me the most Because it's the amplifier that DeeDee chose No one's around to know So DeeDee convinces me I'm alone She says I'm pathetic Insignificant, worthless
I want to tell you I will do anything to keep what we have together, That I will try to follow through and give my effort to do better.
Imagine this huge castle- and in this castle, you’re the king. Or a queen or whatever. But there’s nobody to serve you- and yet you’re happy to be alone and rule a world entirely your own.
The desire gets me. It grabs a hold of me and does not want to let go. I never want it to stop. I want the feeling forever and I want it just for myself.
Little girl lost and alone Won’t pick up the phone Too scared to go back home   The bottles kept stacking up Daddy didn’t you have enough Anger grew, We all knew What he was going to do to you
When I told her I didn't want to be friends anymore-That I was done with it (and her)-She cried.She begged.She asked why.And I tried to explain…But my founded reasoning fell onto deaf,
I have this friendWho used to be a girlWho dated this other girl in the grade above us.Her mother tossed her in therapyLike it was just some condition that could be cured,
Usually a book is read page by page and the words just fly by. We could go back and re-read your whole story. Just set aside some time. But there's no time left to review. What could I have said to save you?
"Drug abuse"- that makes me abusive. So why do I feel like I'm the one who's been beaten? Not the beaten that leaves bloodied lips and brown bruises But the beaten that leaves you in last place in a contest
Everyday I wake up in constant pain. Not physical. But it might as well be. Cause I'm hurting. Deep down, I feel like giving up. On people. Family. Myself. Life.
Crack! Pop! Fizz! Yet another beer down. The anger boils up, While the true you is left to drown. The spiral continues, you’ve lost all control. Just one more cup,
  It has been days since you cared about anything. My only wish is to be loved by you. Loved more than those circular pills that hide in delicate capsules.  I cannot give you what you want.
You don’t want to call it hate. Although you despise words that were spoken. Words of thoughts, Words of passion, Even words of love. The little ticks and twitches got to you
The bottle hits her lips And her world tips She stops shaking She stops aching And she feels okay
Super Glue I hit rock bottom Substance had camouflaged and Calloused the woman I was I was employed by a mind manipulator And I had dug my grave and jumped in Willing to accept my fate.
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