The Battle Within

The bottle sits on the kitchen table

Glinting in the sun

She grabs it, begging for comfort

Now that the day is done


She knows it’s not the solution, but

She doesn’t know how to stop

So she lifts the bottle to her lips

And uses every drop


The liquid burns and spreads its warmth

And the pain fades away

It takes away the hurt and also

The troubles of the day


The tears turn into warm smiles

And finally she laughs

It seems colors return to life

Like developing photographs


For the first time in a while

She’s filled with inner bliss

She forgets the painful memories

Like his parting kiss


The hurt is replaced with happy

She feels so warm inside

Without her cheap liquor love

She likely would have died


But the heartbreak no longer matters

Not much really does

Not when the alcohol takes away her pain

And her head is all a buzz


The whiskey clouds all the hurt

And it’s replaced with glee

She smiles, laughs, and feels untroubled

But she’s knows it’s unhealthy


She’s stuck in a cycle, she can’t get out

Even if she wanted to

Maybe she’ll heal, only time will tell

If her life will continue


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