Super Glue


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Super Glue
I hit rock bottom
Substance had camouflaged and
Calloused the woman I was
I was employed by a mind manipulator
And I had dug my grave and jumped in
Willing to accept my fate.

An escape, a cure, and unemployment
Seemed impossible, far fetched, and non-existent.
I wasn’t coming back.
The real me had been destroyed
Reduced into pieces of lies,
Deceit and carelessness.
I crashed into a wall

There were still large pieced left…
So I slowly started taping them back together
…But if you get tape wet it won’t stick.
Umbrellas help keep you dry,
But never fully cover
The chance of finding superglue
Seemed inconceivable.
I began to drop my found
Pieces into my grave,
Palming the dirt over.

I was disappearing again.
Who cared?
I had my fate.
I could see the end.
I wasn’t scared.
Fear is for those who can feel.
The calluses began to harden once more
So there I sat smiling,
Here we go again.
Why run this time?
Running is tiring, and I’m out of shape

I was ready to embrace my doom
But I stumbled on my glue
My pieces are sticking
And I’m digging up what I buried
Almost ready to kick down my headstone
And return to life
Now that I’ve been dead
I see the beauty in life.

But there will be no story book ending
For this fairy tail of me.
Just dusty pages waiting
To be filled with something beautiful
I’m Ready to be employable again
Simply an easy job with no benefits.

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I loeve this poem so much. 

"Why run this time?

Running is tiring, and I'm out of shape."

"Now that I've been dead

I see the beauty in life."

This poem is so honest and true and vulnerable. It's wonderful. 


This poem touches me personally becaus eof the raw feeling and the realness of the situation. I have been in that spot and it brough tme back there, thank you for sharing so beautifully.




"I was employed by a mind manipulator." Great line.


You should write about the details of this situation. It's seems like an experience that is central to your life and understanding of yourself.


I relate so much to this poem.

this is so touching.




Wow! This poem really hit home for me. Well done!

Lizzi Johnson

Wow its like you living my life love it

Shaya Young

My favorite line is now that Ive been dead I see the beauty in life. Excellent Very Well written!

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