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Nowadays When I Write My Tension Lessens... Which Helps Me Find Some Peace of Mind... Enabling Me To AVOID... Depression... !!!!!! My Writing Style Keeps On Progressing... Thus When I Write I Do LESS Stressing...
Ya Know These Days I'm Getting ... BETTER ... When It Comes To Using Letters ... !!! Letters From The Alphabet That I NOW Select ... To Wage VENDETTAS On IGNORANT Fellas Through My Poems ...
Voice"Just sing," they say But they don't know how much I pray Each morning and twice every night For courage to share what's in my mind's lightVoice One word. Too hard 
A cold heart's proved more useful Progression without emotion Focus on evolution A pure heart is always abused Painfully taught through trial and error. it takes time to truly teach,
  Have you ever heard the mockingbird sing?   For the first few seconds of its sweet song, I always believe it to be a Cardinal
I wonder how much you really care,I wonder how long you will actually be here,I hate that fact that if I lost you my heart would tearbecause finding real love at a young age is something rare.This, is about you and I
Time, it's the movemen of the second hand
Every day every week I go foward and seek What gets me on my feet Makes others feel weak
I open my mouth. " I think-" I'm interrupted. I try again.  " Oh well, in my opinion-" Again, I'm cut off. I wish i could say this seldom happens. But I'll spare you my lies.
Sail through the fog,  we've only got, one mile of visibility  
I’m afraid I don’t have a firm enough grasp on time and how I’m supposed to inte
I live my life so I can strive to make a difference with an inference of the pursuit of happiness in the american dream which gleams brightly in the distance.   you're almost there you can almost taste it
A little marble Found by a young boy on the stairs Interest is found for a little while Then, not lost, The interest diffuses But the boy still keeps it On his desk
What do I want? My days are limitless What do I do now? My days are limited I desire my wants And want my needs Yet when they approach me I am afraid, indeed
How is it possible to never have to think at all? Easy, use Google. How then will we prosper? Easy, follow the ones who created Google. Well what about the ozone and global warming?
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