Thoughtless Expectations

How is it possible to never have to think at all?
Easy, use Google.
How then will we prosper?
Easy, follow the ones who created Google.
Well what about the ozone and global warming?
Simple, someone on the television will tell you.
What’s your problem with the media and news?
I have no problem with the media or the news.
Nor the music, games, nor the latest tablet.
My problem is with my peers, and the ones to come after us.
Thoughtless expectations of a blinded mass,
Is the message I obtain when I observe us being wooed by the glittery paper.
The 3-d glasses, the HD TV. The touch screen phones.
Books have lost so much value; a handwritten paper serves no purpose.
Mental math has slowly escaped from the lessons in the classrooms.
Women can alter their image, and have it insured.
Men wearing women’s clothing, and calling it dapper.
A letter in the mail lost its warmth and appreciation.
Originality has been out casted… or just controlled.
We gather like maggots and praise this garbage on the television.
We idolize heartless, mindless celebrities.
Young impressionable children see this charade of sin,
And believe it to be the way life should be.
Purchase this unnecessary technology, or you won’t be up-to-date on the “latest”
My expectations for the future are thoughtless, because thoughtfulness has died.
God Bless America

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