Valentines Day

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Like Flickering Fires her eyes tell no secrets yet speak to me the mysteries of creation   Her creative hands creating scenes around the boundaries of imagination  
Money does not meanAmount of affection yetReminds me you see 
red pink red pink unrealistic expectations paper hearts decorated with white lace  
Roses are red Violets are blue I'm staring into the sunset Slowly facing the truth Roses are red Petals fly, torn away Violets are blue Paper cranes rest discarded Just a lonely heart
You're my little Rose But you've changed, Rose Everything you were, Rose Just isn't there anymore, Rose   And I just wish, Rose That you came to me, Rose Instead you kept it in, Rose
Red day bliss  a great thing for some.  Red day bliss a trap for everyone. Red day bliss in a fight for recognition. Red day bliss isn't blissful.
Slipped down your throat until you lose the feeling in your toes and the tingle can be felt at the back of your head The last Valentines Day was the worst until you met him and now the worst comes this year
Can you be my valentine, My sweet Rosemary bud in the summertime. With you I will never be cold in the wintertime, But for now, can you be my valentine?
 If I could have one wish todayThen I'll wish we're not apartSo we could spend this day togetherToday, this day of hearts For though the sun's gone hidingAnd the sky is gray with gloomIf you were here, there're better thingsthan writing in my room
unspoken words left behind 
I never knew what love was like That was until I met you How could I forget? Your smile, your eyes the way you fret It made me feel like I was invincible. All that changed one day.
Dear lord forgive me for I have sinned, a girl has a effected where my thoughts have been taken in. Pretty smile and eyes I could stare at for more than just awhile.
Valentines day is a day of love an artificial holiday. Overall I had a great Valentines. And sure it sucks seeing all of the "cute" couples being in love
Hear me out My love. The sun rises each morning To greet you. Its eternal heat aims to keep You warm.
Valentines Day. A ridiculous holiday made up for couples. If I didn't know any better, I would cry out  On how it's secret agenda was to make singles feel like shit.
Valentine’s Day   The love holiday   
  By chance, I could be alone. Every blink, sparks darkness. Lip movement turns laconic Shortening by breath, Until I have reached silence. Ones cavalier eyes not only traces
A soldier In love; In hate; In shock; Inner Earthquake. A man Dizzied; Affected; Wronged; Feeling neglected.
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