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Chanting of Ram hath become the greatest sham That morphs the fanatics into instant Bonds Giving em virtual license to maim and kill Marijuana is the antidote for virus called hatred 
i think that if i take it into too much consideration, the momental magic seems to be shaved away. there were twice as many stars as usual-
Why don't they understand We just need to medicate From our hurt And all this hate Its just a plant We always tell them But they bitch Away to jail we go
It’s easier To say that I substitute your lips And your body heat For marijuana and alcohol But if we’re both being honest
Tongue. Mine and yours. Mine on you. Body. Yours and mine. Yours on me.   Tongue. Seal the blunt. Hand. Roll it. Lungs. Inhale and exhale.
Searching Where are these words I try to speak Where are these emotions that come before sleep Why can't I open up to you when you're in front of my face Why let them out once you've walked away
He took you to his spot   you toked off mini pipes   and swapped stories   and looked at the city lights. From the top of the Butte.   A concert featuring a rapper.
It was a cold night January, maybe February Midnight Our breath in the air in front of us. We walked 2 miles to get to the butte. The ascent took 20 minutes   in coats and tattered sneakers.
In an adverse reality I'm sure we could live in harmony. I'm sure an oasis will sprout With naked men & women Deer & birds roaming alike, Conjoined by the gayness within
Roll her up in the sheets of the night before. Light her up, watch her dance round your lips. She can’t be good to me, they say. Then why so sweet to my lungs?
Packin bowls and all I smell is loud  My senses gotta be fucked Since when can I see sound? Dumbfound you have me  Bruh I'm Not so grounded can we 
addicted to zoning out but still learning about growing out my mind is always filled with doubt  as I drop the ashes into the grout I wonder why I'm a social drought
Buddha, Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Squanto. These are some of the greatest influences in my life. Buddha once said “What we think, we become”; who the hell would have known the mind, the human brain, was such a powerful organ.
So here is a story about how I became oblivious to addiction with a substance I've been told was something God had gifted and a gift it was for a while at least no sense of pain and time's existance just ceased
OLD COTTON MOUTHBY MIRA WILDEROld cotton mouth cannot speak his lips are stuckto his gums and teethbeen smoking weed,since he was sixteengoing on 60 it's the same routine
I used to be a fan of bliss Used to be a daily habit smoking on that cannibus I used to be a fan of it I blew it so heavly I used to just fan the piff Mary Jane and I used to fly, I was her man to kiss
A freshwater pond sits surrounded by trees,   Its water makes one feel refreshed and cool.  
You really want to know what makes me tick? This guy I know; he acts like a prick. Does everything in his power to ruin our weeks Doesn't consider thinking before he speaks
He walks with    his leather jacket slumped over     his shoulders          and his violet backpack          swinging violently          from   his shoulders. His mouth is   a motor,
mary be that ho3 u get with time and time again lucy be that classy broad who be makin u wonder if u are jus playing fraud on yourself. yes of course thats what i mean aint that obscene?
i got da weed thata make u ease the cheese that radiates indigo beams dope that lets u cope with reality. in actuality reality may not even be real we r just trapped in a bag and life is the seel.
She's been a friend. She's been family. She's been their life, She was his downfall. Watching her kill slowly, But quickly at the same time. His eyes rolled back, His body shook violently.
From thee Earth it grow One of His very own creations This feeling is going so slow For these radical denominations We express our love in tree Show them we won't stop Partaking with such glee
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