I Admit.

It’s easier

To say that

I substitute your lips

And your body heat

For marijuana and alcohol

But if we’re both being honest

It only makes me miss you more

The burn in the back of my throat

When I inhale the smoke

Simulates the memory of

When you use to kiss me

With no insecurity you put your lips over mine

And how you made me parched

And incompatible to talk

And made my whole body

Vibe out to the song of the chemical reaction

And the confident scent

Reminds me of how intoxicating the smell

Of your skin was underneath the sheets

And the whiskey-

The never enough whiskies- helps me

Wash all of that guilt down

When I said goodbye

And when our picture became cracked

And when that whiskey and MJ go hand in hand

It’s a duo that makes the moon go out of orbit

But nevertheless

I don’t stop

Because it’s the only thing that I have of you

The burn in the back of my throat

The intoxicating smell

The regret of when I said goodbye

This is a druggies’ admit.



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