Says the wizard, Ostracized

In an adverse reality

I'm sure we could live in harmony.

I'm sure an oasis will sprout

With naked men & women

Deer & birds roaming alike,

Conjoined by the gayness within

their heart & yes, metaphorically it is true!

Believable by only the relation of mind.

Decipherable only by the figuratively 

Of speech & written word.


Yet I sit in solitude sulking & absorbing

A filtered air with no impurities. 

Perfect within its own rights.

This quintessential civilization was created

In disagreement to my residence. 

This place was constructed for the ones before me.


Now as I wallow in a reminding laze

I envision my past self.

I compare myself to the coward that has never stood before

That once embodied my character.

The one who has broken their legs

Then tried to kill themselves with medication.

What a contradiction!

Effectively padding their mouth with an unnatural adhesive

That shuts their mind as well.


But now through the path of positivity

I have opened that healed wound once more

& treated it naturally; with respect & courageous love

Just as any animal who finds the simplest solution

To their worries.


The remedy is to forget.

Forget about the struggles that still weigh me down

And to release a more positive exhaust.

Interchanging what has gone down

To what will rise, propitiously defying gravity.

The realization of that which has been on my mind 

Can never chastise me. 

That itself, I could never despise.


Join the red eyes in the forest

Dressed or undressed in euphoric attire.

For the fun shall never die young.

Go forth men, women, soldiers & squires

Be yourself, love yourself!

And in that never retire!



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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