body love

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forgive me body, i have failed i failed to love you and cut again who knows how long it has been i made a list of what to do and chose to cut on you i thought about all the bad 
1000 years from now when they find my delicate laced up corpse— my femur will whisper Anthropologists will murmur —Here is the
This is a poem that my friend, Veronica, and I wrote. Hope you enjoy! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. (:     Thick   You called me that Tonight. I opened myself up
People say Fat Shaming is wrong. But while they bring people up Who just eat because they "can't control themselves" and tell them that that's what "Real women" look like, When that really isn't the case.
My life is a book.
My life is a book. Some pages are beautiful, some are funny, some I wish
Body, wet and free Water along my strech marks, down my back and feet.
"Real women have curves" A real woman has the nerve to say, I'm large and that's okay but don't tell me, a skinny girl I don't have a say In her identity Her gender Her worth
Your body is a fortress, your body is your prize Your body is a temple where you go to hide Your body is perfect. Won't show you how to work it, that's up to you to decide Decreate it, paint it
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