Forgive Me Body

forgive me body, i have failed

i failed to love you and cut again

who knows how long it has been

i made a list of what to do

and chose to cut on you

i thought about all the bad 

and cut to numb all the sad

i broke another blade 

and covered my body in shame

forgive me body, i do love you

but i also love numbing the pain too

I’ve held in for weeks

and realized that i am to weak 

I’ve remembered the awful things the have said

and tried to fight the voices in my head

they tell me to give up

they tell me, I’m not worth it

forgive me body, i forgot how to love you 

i forgot to fight the voices and let them hate you

the blood is dried and so are my tears

this has been going on for years

forgive me body

please love me

i have failed you tonight

forgive me for my scars and all my new cuts too

tonight the voices won, but tomorrow you do





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"Stay strong beautiful, beacuse things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever."

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