Fat Shaming

People say

Fat Shaming is wrong.

But while they bring people up

Who just eat because they "can't control themselves"

and tell them that that's what "Real women" look like,

When that really isn't the case.


If you want to say I'm fat shaming,

then maybe look in the mirror.

Because you're shaming people

Who work hard

So that they don't get a heart attack.


Maybe I want to be me,

and not have to gain 100 pounds

so that people think 

that I'm a "Real woman"


But that's the thing



It doesn't matter if you're 200 pounds, 90 pounds

Blonde, brunnette, ginger.

It doesn't matter if you're 5'3 or 6'9

Every girl is gorgeous.


Stop telling me I'm short

and that you thought I was a freshman

because I'm 5'3''

Even though there are people in their thirties

who are shorter than me.


Stop asking me if I do crack,

because I'm so skinny.

No, I don't

I have a high metabolism

and I work out like hell.

not because I'm insecure,

but because I like to take care of myself

and I'm confident

That I look good.


Please stop judging me

And skinny shaming,

Because that's not supporting body love and confidence,

That's just hurting the people who work a little harder.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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