Why "Real Women Have Curves" Needs To Stop

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 14:14 -- miskris

"Real women have curves"
A real woman has the nerve
to say, I'm large and that's okay
but don't tell me, a skinny girl
I don't have a say
In her identity
Her gender
Her worth
Careful not to sacrifice your kind
While fighting the masses
Because women of all sizes
Should celebrate their bodies
It's cool with me if you spend your weekend
Sweating from pilotes
I stand for health, wellness, and pride
The body is our temple
Gotta remodel to survive
"Real women have curves"
Don't get real with me
I'll show how woman I can be
By ignoring your hate
I love that you love your curves,
Gotta love the bones on that body too
They've been supporting you
Since you were age two
"Real women have curves"
This needs to stop,
Like a sign I'm right in front of you
I appreciate my body
Why can't you?



love this!!!!! 

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