heartbreak heart break lost love pain heartache

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Sorry. I'm sorry. I fucked up, I know. It doesnt mean anything now but if somehow it means something, I only meant well.   I only wanted to feel what it was like
I look in your eyes and I only see me, The way you look at me is something from movies. You don't see my frizzy hair or the freckles that decorate my face. Instead you see kindness
  My first love was on a valentine day, Kiss on the cheek and big blush, three years later and a cheater he was, Second love, oh man he was a thief, Chubby cheek and a gorgeous smile,
Your beautiful face still haunts me. Its an image that I continuously see. As my unnerving thoughts run around with just you on its mind, As if, the love from before, its hoping to find,
Have you ever felt, That moment when your life is perfect, Because love fills the air. He's everything that is good. He's everything that is right, He's all fun and a ray of sunlight.
My heart is achingDyingBreakingFrom the absenceOf your smile. Can't you seeBy lookingAt meYou make my lifeWorthwhile?
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