Saying Goodbye

Have you ever felt,
That moment when your life is perfect,
Because love fills the air.
He's everything that is good.
He's everything that is right,
He's all fun and a ray of sunlight.

Have you ever felt the moment when hes around,
And you don't have to listen to him make a sound,
Because just looking into those beautiful eyes,
You know he's the one,
He's the reason for giving away your heart.
You realized it from the very start.

But love drifts.
Its like a car when it shifts.
In different directions and never in one spot.
It carries with the wind when it begins to fade,
Not remembering the life that it made.
With you, as it finally leaves and those words are all you hear,
He doesn't even shed a single tear,
When he says 'Goodbye.'

And all you can do is cry.
As you watch him walk away,
Not knowing what else to say.
Not a single look back, not even an apology.
Just a shake of the head when you ask him not to go.
Your heart, its breaking.
Your happiness shattered.

You learn to move on,
But the feelings are still there.
Because your love never died.
Though you wanted to forget, you tried.
Yet he's the only one your heart beats for,
Everyday, more and more.
And you know he's not coming back.
Yet you still hope you will see him someday.
Even though there's nothing left to say.

You wish him happiness and smiles.
When you see him with her.
You wonder if he's in love or just playing.
A certain part of you knows, to her, what hes saying.
And you hope that its real,
That for once he knows how he feels.
And even though its killing you inside,
You give him your best,
And all the rest.

Saying goodbye is never easy.
Because not one says goodbye.
Its the thing we can't avoid,
When love is void.
Sometimes one heart breaks, sometimes two.
It happens to everyone not just a few.
Its life and moving on is hard.
Its the card we are delt.
But as we grow, we learn.
To move on and try again.

Saying goodbye isn't the end.
Its the beginning of a new start,
To find love again and play its part.
Listen to your heart when it speaks,
When it once again reaches its true peaks.
Because the next time it falls,
Might be the next time forever after calls.

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