Trying To Forget

Your beautiful face still haunts me.
Its an image that I continuously see.
As my unnerving thoughts run around with just you on its mind,
As if, the love from before, its hoping to find,
Back when you were so loving and kind.

I'm trying to forget, the moment our lives were set in play,
The moment I wanted nothing more but to stay,
By your side and get to know you,
And all those feelings I got from being near, was true.
I'm trying to forget the moment your eyes found mine,
Sending my heart into a flat line.

Something found its way to my heart,
From the very start.
As I casually walked over and stood in front of you.
I would just stare a moment longer because I couldn't find the words to say.
So, after a minute I smiled and said, "Hey."
With a grin wider than my own,
You greeted back in the same tone.

I'm trying to forget the time we spent together that day.
Because somehow I knew your love would someday stray.
Yet I was swept off my feet by your perfect grace,
And the way I looked into your face,
And I found myself captivated by that one act,
That you were the one, I knew that for a fact.

I'm trying to forget the year we shared,
That you obviously pretended you cared.
Because it was easy for you to say that you just wanted to be my friend.
Thus, my world, everything, came to an end.
I'm trying to forget how I begged you not to go.
And when you replied, "Sorry,"
And you turned your back on a life you wanted no part of,
And when push came to shove,
You were the first to say goodbye.
Was your love for me, was it a lie?

I'm trying to forget the way my chest ached,
As my heart continued to break.
As my feelings stayed for the man I thought you were.
And I never thought that you leaving would occur,
But in some ways I guess I did because trust was heavy.
When one gets hurt enough times to know,
That it could happen more times than one,
Its like a regular daily basis con.

I'm trying to forget that I still love you and always will,
No matter, now, how you may feel.
And in my heart I know leaving you be is right,
And that's when I was forced to give up the fight.
I'm trying to forget you but somehow its something my soul shall not allow.
Instead beating for you, and you alone.

I'm trying to forget our past.
But its something I know where the remembrance will always last.
Because for you it may have been bad,
And that the moment you left, you were glad,
But to me it was good.
Something I knew you never understood.
It will forever be a part of me,
Except this time, I hold the key.

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