The Pain of Love


My first love was on a valentine day,

Kiss on the cheek and big blush,

three years later and a cheater he was,

Second love,

oh man he was a thief,

Chubby cheek and a gorgeous smile,

And love me back he did not,

Third was a gorgeous blond with blue eyes,

Muscular was he,

sweet as could be,

But again another cheat twas he,

Fourth was a tall, partially deaf baseball player,

and pity I had,

Lasted two weeks and he was done,

Number five,

sweet twas he,

not just for girls,

Few days latter,

back together with his ex bf,

Number six,

My sweet little angel twas she,

And still my love she is,

Number seven,

three years my senior,

after a month said see ya,

And yet still close to me,

Number eight and nine,

Beautiful prizes to me,

Still mines are they,

Number ten,

Evil though she,

forgive she is,

Last but so not least,

My love he has,

Long he wishes to have me,

sweet and funny,

But rude at times,

How long will it last,

for three wants a retry,

How can I even,

But horrible it is,

Does 11 really care,

Or is it a joke to him?


Now three months later,

I left him,

Eleven and I are no more.

Number 12,

dried my tears,

held me tight.

I have his ring,

and his jacket.

How long will he stay?

Do I dare hope?


Jacket returned Ring had gone

Left me in the ashes

due to a lie.

Now I wish to go back to 11

for though 12 was kind,

my heart was elsewhere,

but because of 12,

I have a broken hand with a shattered heart,

And all I can do is run from the voices,

laughing in my head,

love is dead,

heart gone.

I try and try over and over,

but a dozen times,

life screwed me over,

and now when I run,

I am the buffoon.



Now once again,

I have a new love.

Both with freash wounds,

13 and I are helping one another,

And now once again,

I am able to hope and trust.

With luck,

13 is the one,

For he understands my pain,

For he understands my twisted mind,

He actually cares about me.


Please let this one last.

After a few months, my heart is his.  

This is  our third attempt to be together.

First break was because I spoke to 12.

Second, he ignored me. Then he tried to off himself.

Now we are back together.

my heart he holds, and he's learning to love the scars.

The scars of a battered love story, finally being healed.

Please, I beg, don't leave. 


LSD was of more importance than I. 

Overdosed I did

betrayed I was. 

Stupid, painful, god damn love. 


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