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I thought you were a part of me Thinking you belonged in here Then I realized I was just letting you be  Not letting me be, tear after tear    I thought you were a part of me 
Little WordsCreate the birdWho flew so highHe touched the sky.And when he tumbledTo the sandNo one heardDespite the birdWho got back upAnd tried again.
Dear human population of planet Earth,   A single raindrop slips from the clouds plummets through the air and lands on the windshield
How may I destroy you all? That your image be cast away They commentate my rise and remember your fall Celebrate my life and scorn your dying day All of the former,make way for the latter
Listen O' ye weary traveler To my tale of Love and Death. This life is a cruel mistress,
O Earth, will you not rest? Shifting your plates violently As if trying to wipe away the junk You fell city's, as a logger fells trees You bring even the mighteist skyscraper to its knees
You were so beautifulthe world just couldn’t stand itthey had to destroy youbecause anything that beautiful must be brokenand they did exactly thatyou thought it was your fault
The way we see ourselves is a very powerful thing. It not only builds or breaks the fortress around us it allows others to step into our realms and puncture our castles. It displays vulnerability and hides destruction.
Crystals of ice hand-crafted by the divine White as the aura of a newborn babe Unique, complex, exceptional Beauty in its most natural form
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