A better Life struggle pain sadness poetry

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I fell in love with a boy Who never loved me And I knew that But I did not leave Time it would take For a heart to love When it never had loved before   I fell in love with a boy
  The trance gesture to the forestI only look into my night sky mirror. Once had you mystified in the white snow.And there's no more than a witchwho envies people for their love.
I stare into my bedroom mirror, A man is staring back His stare pounds my brain Leaving me with nothing but pain   His skin calloused and wrinkled Eyes tear filled A man who was once thrilled
Hello, can you see me? I'm right here The child full of tears Waiting to be set free.   Yet no one seems to care It is as if I am a banshee Except I'm predicting my own death.  
Behind you can find a shadow, Continuing to grow. We play follow the leader I wear the crown   Yet, soon I will become the pleader Black patches lay on my skin
Something, I need something to hold arms reaching, hands grasping for something... anything to hold on to, keep me here care.... what does that mean I don't care about anything
My Depression and my Anxiety are in an epic love affair. They do majestic flamenco dances filled with passion, as they run into the other, with the intention of killing,
Life is no fun when you're counting it by the hours Life is worth living when you’re gazing at this flower Of what has become and what’s going to be It stands bright and strong after stung by honeybees
Stuck in the Dark                                                                                              By Maya Thames   Never would I have thought that I’d be here today, On my knees crying,
Do you wanna know what I absolutely hate about you? Not dislike, nor envy, but hate about you? When you have bumps in life like a car that hits a pot hole, you shutdown, but why?
Why so sad? They ask as I walk by. Confusion spread across their face. I can see it in their eyes. They are judging me,  And they don't even know me. I hear what they say, Atten seeker.
My life: Wake up  Fight with mom to take me to school  Math- can we stop now? Lunch- alone, content, Youtube Euro. History- like a soap opera, i love it Come home, fight more, homework, shower
I am not the only one who is afraid to feel this way I am not the only one who can't make people stay I am not the only one who fears life after dusk I am not the only one
Smoke lingers, leaving a path you can trace I see the ghost of my past wander through this place Ashes shift, moving with the wind I’d do anything to see this house whole again
Pre-mature Insomniac; a resting heart rate of 87 beats per minute, breath after breath, she abruptly wakes up because she knows that sleep won’t make it better.
In the wonderland of life There should only be one use for a knife For it would be a choice you cannot undo Your life won’t be brand new
At day she’s a Heart stopper Eye opener Heart breaker Breath taking Beautiful disaster  
As I close my eyes every night, I dream of better days.  No more pain or hurt, no more crying everyday. Sometimes when I pray to God, Im scared he doesnt hear me.
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