Radical Self-Acceptance

Radical Self Acceptance 
You are of my kind, 
Uniquely divine, 
A different breed of beautiful unlike anyone
I have ever seen
Clothed in angel energy;
Beam and radiate fully now
Accepting and receiving the love you dreamed of, 
To firstly recognize how much you deserve it,
All of it.
"I am a forever student of life!"
I exclaim,
"And I am proud to sit in the front row."
Do not bother paying attention to surrounding movements, 
Or noises
Be curious of the micro-shifts going on within your own body 
Then send out your voice to the world. 
And for a second more with you, I would steal flashes from the future
A lifetime together with you is heaven in my eyes.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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